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Jinnwoo Releases Debut Single 'Solo Man' ft. Alasdair Roberts (Produced by Gerry Diver)

We are delighted to add Jinnwoo to our roaster. Jinnwoo's sound, a melancholy but beautiful and unique strand of folk, alongside his distinctive vocal, meant his bedroom demos were all Kyla La Grange, Alasdair Roberts, Young Montana? and a whole host of contempories needed to hear before agreeing colloabroate with him on his debut album.  His debut single 'Solo Man' ft. Alasdair Robert and prod. by Gerry Diver is released on 28th April. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Emma Garrett - Q 'Five Songs To Hear This Week'

We're very pleased to add Emma Garrett to our roster. Garrett is a classical trained singer with one hell of a voice. She plays traditional folk instruments but with such passion, it's not really folk, more a kind of 'avant-garde pop'. Its passionate stuff. For fans of Anna Calvi and PJ Harvey.

Garrett released her first ever single on 17th March, called 'This Is It'. The trak is one of Q's 'Five Songs to Hear This Week'.  See the review here.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Asaf Avidan a CMU 'Approved'

CMU Daily have given their Approved slot to Asaf Avidan ahead of the release of his debut UK single 'Different Pulses' ("As opening gambits go, this is impressive to say the least." - CMU Daily). The single is released via Universal on 28th Oct and Asaf Avidan headlines Shepherd's Bush Empire , on the 12th November.  Read the CMU piece here

Monday, October 14, 2013